Delta Care x WW Wellness Series

Delta has partnered with WW (Weight Watchers® Reimagined) to further encourage our members to improve their health. WW is a key ally to enhance current Physical & Mental Health initiatives to give Sorors access to personalized resources and tools to achieve their wellness goals. Learn more about our strategic partnership with Weight Watchers to inspire holistic wellness for Sorority members.

The Wellness Partnership Includes:

  •   Exclusive 25% discount on all memberships through December 31, 2021
  •   Information and resources via email blasts and social content
  •   Nutrition and fitness education to build healthier lifestyles
  •   Partnership with the Physical and Mental Health Subcommittee to inspire programing to encourage the wellness journey and more!
  • Donations towards Sorority scholarships and programmatic activities </li?


Soror Showcase

Watch to learn more about how WW is helping Sorors in their wellness journey.

National President & CEO: Beverly Smith

Check out the latest WW + DST Soror Showcase video featuring Soror Freeman as she shares her inspiring healthy living journey and the amazing results she’s achieved since joining WW. Interested in signing up? Visit and take advantage of a 25% monthly discount, exclusively for members of DST.


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As a DST member, you have access to three weekly live Virtual Workshops led by WW Coaches, who are fellow Deltas!

Visit the Weight Watchers site for more details on upcoming workshops