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Warning Against Illegally Using Delta's Intellectual Property

As the public and members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated ("Delta") know, Delta works diligently to protect its intellectual property - trademarks, service marks, and copyright, which includes all iterations of its name, the Greek letters for its name, and its logos and symbols (collectively "Marks")

While Delta always attempts to resolve matters of infringement without resort to litigation, it has had to initiate lawsuits against many individual and corporate infringers who refused to comply with Delta's demands that they stop using Delta's Marks illegally. Delta has sued infringers in federal courts in New York; Georgia; Michigan; the District of Columbia; and Florida, and has consistently obtained injunctive relief and negotiated settlements to resolve these matters. Delta also has settled numerous matters informally with vendors who have complied with Delta's cease and desist requirements.

Delta's right to the exclusive use of its Marks is protected by federal and state law. As such, Delta will continue to police its Marks vigorously. While it remains open to informal resolution in appropriate cases, it will not hesitate to sue violators and will seek enhanced damages, including treble damages, where appropriate.

While Delta is now employing a private investigator to assist it in protecting its property, Delta recognizes the invaluable service of members who refuse to patronize - and who report - unlicensed vendors. Members are encouraged to continue to patronize only licensed vendors and to report unlicensed vendors to Delta's Legal Affairs Department at the link below. To learn more about our licensed vendors, we ask that you review our Approved Vendor List (Updated 5-15-2021).

Reporting Unlicensed Vendors
Unlicensed Vendors Report

Delta members have always supported the Sorority's request that they 1) refrain from patronizing unlicensed vendors and 2) report vendors selling Delta branded merchandise without a license. Delta encourages members to continue their vigilance. Reports should be made via the Unlicensed Vendors Report. Your report should include the name of the business; contact person and title, if available; address; telephone number; location of sale or display of merchandise; and list of items being sold. If you have questions regarding the reporting process, contact the Legal Affairs Department email (