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Notice To Applicant⁄Candidate⁄Pyramid Regarding Privilege and Responsibilities

The purpose of this notice is to summarize Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated’s anti-hazing policy (“Delta”); to emphasize to you, an applicant/candidate/pyramid for membership into Delta, that you have a responsibility to follow Delta’s policy; and to emphasize that if you do not follow Delta’s policy, Delta will exercise its right to revoke the privilege extended to you to become a member of Delta. This notice also is to inform you that upon your signing this notice, it becomes an agreement (“Agreement”) between you and Delta.

Summary of the Policy

Delta has a zero-tolerance hazing policy. The policy is embodied in documents disseminated to you, including this document (“no hazing contract”), which you are required to sign. The policy expressly prohibits all acts and forms of hazing, before, during, and after the Membership Intake Process. The prohibition covers all hazing activities, whether physical, mental, or emotional, including, but not limited to, pre-initiation and/or underground activities (which is anything in addition or contrary to approved activities); paddling; beating; slapping; blindfolding; pushing; depriving you of sleep; pulling on your clothes or pulling your hair; requiring you to consume alcohol or drugs; forcing or requiring you to consume foods that you find disagreeable; conduct such as yelling at you, or humiliating, harassing, belittling, or cursing you; requiring you to perform any morally degrading, illegal, or indecent act, to perform housework or homework for members, or to “run errands.”

You are hereby notified that Delta has approved no practices that are inconsistent with the policy summarized above. Delta has not approved any “chapter traditions” or “chapter practices,” and no chapter or individual member has authority to supplement, modify, or override Delta’s Membership Intake policies and process. To reiterate: to become a member of Delta, you are not required to, and should not, participate in any form of hazing. More details are included on Delta’s website and in the documents you will receive.

Your Responsibilities

You are obligated not to allow yourself to be subjected to any abuse or any form of hazing, and if anyone tries to haze you or to entice you to participate in hazing, you are obligated to report all such conduct immediately. You should make your reports in the following order: to the chapter president; the chapter advisors; and the Regional Director and Regional Representative; and/or to the National First Vice President and the Executive Director of Delta. If the chapter president and/or chapter advisor is involved, or if you do not receive a positive response, you should immediately escalate the reporting to the next level. You always have the option of contacting the National First Vice President and/or the Executive Director directly, at any time. You have been provided their names and contact numbers.

Resolving Disputes Regarding Allegations of Hazing

You are hereby notified that any and all disputes relating to your application for membership (including allegations of hazing) shall be resolved by binding arbitration, as stated in this Agreement.