National Social Action Commission


Shavon Arline-Bradely

Sufficiently important news would be repeated quickly and often, and could spread by word of mouth over a large geographic area.


Rhonda Briggins

Even as printing presses came into use in Europe, news for the general public often travelled orally via monks, travelers, town criers, etc.

National Social Action Commissioners

Kim Trent

Kimberly Robinson, Esq

Waikinya Clanton

Deborah Wilder

Meredith Turner

Patricia Lattimore

Kristen Wills

The Honoroable Brenda Gilmore

Yolanda Cash

Adjoa Asamoah

Janice Mathis, Esq

Kristen Wells Lewis

Lottie Shackelford

Heather Foster

Khyla Craine

The Honorable Angela Williams

Cheryl Gray, Esq.

Meredith Turner

Mariah Kelly

Leona Bridges

Jennifer Jones

Dr. J. Nadine Gracia

Gwen Ambres

The Honorable Gloria Reno

Dr. Marcella Maxwell

Melanie Campbell

Deborah C. Wilder

Stefanie Brown-James

Patricia Watkins Lattimore

Nicole Yearwood

Jaria Martin

Melanie Newman

Ella McNair



  • Resolutions Adopted Last National Convention
  • Codified Resolutions – 1970 – Present
  • Resolution Process


Resolution Committee is responsible for the “Call for Resolutions” during the National Convention.  The Committee will develop the resolution submission process, collection of submission and refinement of submissions to prepare for final approval and adoption by the body.  They will preside over the Resolution Committee plenary during the National Committee.  The codified resolutions serves as the foundation and guide for the organizations advocacy direction and work.


Restructuring State Enterprises


Owners may administer their businesses themselves, or employ managers to do this for them. Whether they are owners or employees, managers administer three primary components of the business’ value: its financial resources, capital or tangible resources, and human resources. These resources are administered in at least five functional areas: legal contracting, manufacturing or service production, marketing, accounting, financing, and human resources.