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Fraudulent Activity Alert

Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated ("Delta") has recently learned of fraudulent activities being conducted in the name of Delta and targeted at prospective members. One fraudulent activity seemingly is being conducted by active members of Delta. The other activity is being conducted by a woman who purports to be a Delta. She may be an active Delta, an expelled Delta, or a person who has never been affiliated with Delta, but has gained access to certain Delta documents and are using them to give the appearance of legitimacy to her fraudulent activities.

Members and non-members alike, please read the statements below so that you are informed. Please assist Delta in stamping out fraud by reporting any suspected fraudulent activity to Delta.

Hazing Contract

Delta has learned that members of Delta have created a document titled "Hazing Contract" in which non-Deltas who may be interested in Delta are urged to "consent" to being hazed. The document bears Delta's crest and, to unsuspecting and un-inquiring minds, may appear to be legitimate. The document is fraudulent. Any document purporting to have someone consent to being hazed is a fraudulent document. Delta has not endorsed, approved, or authorized the creation or use of any such document. Moreover, Delta would never endorse, approve, or authorize the use of any such document.

Any such document directly contravenes Delta's anti-hazing policy (see and click on: policies/anti-hazing statement). Delta remains strongly committed to the letter and the spirit of its anti-hazing policy. Any member who engages in any form of hazing (including creating false documents encouraging hazing) or who fails to report hazing shall be sanctioned by Delta. Any prospective member who allows herself to be hazed, or participates in any form of hazing, shall be barred from membership in accordance with the Code of Conduct.

In addition to being a violation of Delta's policies, hazing is a crime and is classified as a felony in many states. Whether an individual purports to give her "consent" to the crime is irrelevant. Perpetrators of hazing may be subject to fines and imprisonment -- even if the victim "consented" to the acts of hazing. In addition, in many states, promoting or permitting hazing is also a criminal offense. In these states, the very act of signing a "Hazing Contract" may subject an individual to criminal sanctions.

Extortion of Prospective Members

Delta has also received reports of a membership scam being perpetrated by a woman who purports to be a Delta. This perpetrator targets prospective Delta members, promising them assistance in obtaining membership in Delta in exchange for cash payments to her.

Under no circumstances would Delta ask for a cash payment as part of the application process. Nor would Delta ask for or expect checks or money orders to be written to any individual. Delta employs a specific multi-step application process, and no payment is expected until the process has been completed. In brief, the process involves completion of an application and submission of the application to one of Delta’s chapters; notification of receipt of the application and participation in an interview conducted by several members of the Sorority; notification of acceptance for membership; requirement that any payment be made to a recognized chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.

No single individual can facilitate anyone's membership into Delta. Delta members (including local and national leaders) are prohibited from accepting a monetary contribution from any prospective member as a condition of membership. Any offer of assistance in obtaining membership into Delta in exchange for payment to an individual or individuals is fraudulent.

Delta is investigating both activities and has been cooperating with, and will continue to cooperate with, law enforcement officials to ensure that all such activities are stopped and that violators are punished. Please report any activity in either category to the Member Relations Specialist: Internal Policies & Procedures at (202) 986-2400 extension 397.